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Last night I was in a particular Sainsbury’s supermarket here in wet and widny Oxford. As usual, I exchanged pleasantries with the happy bubbly Caribbean checkout ladies that are a welcome end to lining up with the regular throng of students whose only purchase appears to be six packs of lager, white bread and large bottles of fizzy drinks. (The stuff brains are made of.) Anyway, last night, the check out girls were especially bubbly – chatting amongst themselves while blindly scanning brain fuel. I asked the bubbly one scanning my produce “Was it Obama?”, she beamed back, “Yes!” with an enthusiasm so rare in this dull grey hopeless country. I felt genuinely happy for her.

Whilst in the US I got the impression that African Americans do not really feel part of ‘the system’ or feel represented ‘at the top’ – despite any token appointments.

Whether or not President O delivers salvation to the world, his election means a huge amount to a people who feel a connection to his chocolaty half, and let’s just hope that while Obama may not carry out any changes (America is already extremely ‘PC’ and opportunities do abound for people of all types, else how would he have got in?), The President will finally provide a role model and incentive for those who have felt downtrodden or ‘out of place’.

I am not sure if I am explaining myself very well here, but those who comprehend the way African Americans feel will probably understand.

As a footnote, in the US, politicians (currently) play a far less important role in everyday life than here in Eurasia distopia. It is a country where you are expected to weave and tie your own bootlaces – or at the very least, if you are given or born with bootlaces, tie them for as long as you are able. Here, your boot laces are tied for you by the state. (Not a good idea.) So, let’s hope O’s appointment doesn’t lead to complacency on behalf of the populace, but rather, way more weaving and tieing of boot laces by the people with the confidence that the beneficiaries of said hard work are of the same ilk. (And being The President is half and half, everyone can feel satisfied!) Perhaps this will finally lead to that ‘hope’ that Obama has mentioned once or twice of latte.

Fight back club: Give the new Pres a chance to motivate by example – because that’s true trickle down incentive. (That you can believe in!)

To the conservative reader, yes, there is a concern that some nafarious nations or causes may exploit any apparent niave libralism, but chances are, he’ll be disuaded before too much harm is done. Checks and balances…

Update: This more recent article goes a lot further in explaining my point. © 2009 Newsweek, Inc.


Written by Oflife

January 22, 2009 at 1:52 am

Posted in Politics, USA

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