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Crazy runway idea

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What a co-incidence, just after posting about one runway, a rather brilliant pilot improvises another one! Nice to have a good news story amongst all the doom and gloom.

This water born landing has just proven that if you get it right (speed, angle of descent etc) it is possible to land a heavy, complicated machine on water without it falling apart – in particular if any items liable to ‘catch’ (such as the undercarriage) were retracted. The engines are (apparently) designed to break off on impact.

What if we turn large aircraft into ‘sea’ planes and build special water runways that were surrounded by windbreaks to keep the surface calm? One major pro of water is that it does not require re-surfacing and likewise imposes no wear on things making impact with it. I’m busy now, but will post some further ideas and thinking on this after doing some research. With birds being more common around water, there may be some problems with this idea. After all, it was birds that bought down flight US 1549. Hmm…

Fight back club: Think about the idea. In the mean time, here’s to Sully(3rd), the first real proven role model for us all in years! No hype, no reality TV, just real world action!


Written by Oflife

January 16, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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