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Heathrow Runway 3

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Having opposed this from the start, it is no surprise however to see that matters fiscal are being put over human rights (ever lived under a flightpath?), logistics and clean air. The visionary and environmentally better suggestions from Mrs. Thatcher (where’s common sense when you need her?) and Boris Johnson to locate an all new airport in the Thames Estuary are just what this country needs. An exciting venture that will not only create even more jobs than R3, but provide major opportunities for architects, planners, designers and those in the construction industry – while at the same time, relieving the people of London of a messy noisy poluting uninspiring airport held together by ducktape and cardboard.

The land where Heathrow sits today could be turned into a huge wildlife park including a sport and recreation centre – away from the polution of central London – and not too far from Windsor and other places of interest.

Fight back club: Buy or donate to causes that are buying land to block construction work.

Sadly, as per my prior posting, I am not confident R3 opponents will win. Britain has lost all concept of vision and good sense, so will continue to become a really nasty place to live and aspire.


Written by Oflife

January 15, 2009 at 11:42 am

Posted in Economy, Politics, Transport

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