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If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, download the USA Today app. Like the Bloomberg app, it is a showcase for how Apple’s iPhone OS makes navigating and exploring content a pleasure. Kudos to Mercury INTERMEDIA who created the app for USA Today. It really does harness the iPhone OS well – including a slick picture browsing feature. It is the natural intuitive manner in which these apps function that leads me to strongly believe (as I posted on MacRumors the other day) that Apple, Inc. should (yes really!) take an industry shaking paradigm shifting flame waring step and scrap OS X desktop edition and instead create a range of devices based on an improved version of the iPhone OS running on larger models of the iPod Touch. The versatility, quality and processing power of the iPod Touch (V2) is incredible, it even runs a flight sim (X-Plane) that allows you to fly an Airbus 380 if you like – and it’s all very realistic and smooth. I emphasize the iPod Touch, not the iPhone because we all know deep down in out digital hearts that P2P wireless is the future, not being held hostage by the musty old air time providers who have about as much relevance to the future as b’oil.

If ‘Macs’ and ‘PCs’ operated as does the iPhone OS (itself based on OS X) the productivity of humankind would increase significantly overnight due to the intuitive and efficient nature of the interface and the robustness of the firmware.

Here is what we need – and yes, I would like us to develop this, but I don’t think we’ll get there:

To start, 7″, 9″ & 12″ dockable ‘iPad’ models, including:

  • Magnetic clip on mechanical keyboard that can be left behind if need be (I have the design in my head)
  • Faster graphics processor for running power user apps on the larger screens
  • Proper gesture based GUI
  • Multitasking and all the other items missing from current iPhone OS
  • A more open networking architecture, including Bluetooth/WiFi/4G P2P connectivity
  • E-INK display for ease of reading in sunlight and less eye strain in low light conditions
  • Wireless charger/dock, like the fabulous new Palm Pre
  • Video out for driving a larger display – effectively, the iPad would become a dockable CPU when at the desk

Just imagine operating apps like Garage Band, Photoshop, Excel/Numbers using your finger and/or a stylus – with the benefits of multitouch? For Apple to enhance OS X desktop edition to emulate the iPhone OS will be a lot harder than scaling iPhone OS up to desktop. Look at what Google are doing with Android.

It is much easier to squeeze a little ship into big bottle!

Fight back club: Buy an iPod Touch & a Mac Mini, not a MacBook – they almost suffice as a pair and Apple may get the clue. Despite looking sweet and being built to last, the new MacBook Pro models are way overpriced and exactly not what is required in an age of cloud computing and fiscal responsibility.

This is a controversial comment, but I have always believed that affordable gesture based ‘computing’ to be the way forward and that the industry got it all wrong from the start.


Written by Oflife

January 12, 2009 at 12:21 am

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