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…yes, we face threats to the environment, the beginning of ‘the final conflict’ in the Muddle East, financial meltdown, solar radiation threats (quite serious actually), crazy weather, loss of wildlife, and a rather depressing outlook in general. But rather than solve those problems immediately, I thought it worth testing my ability to bring about change by dealing with a less important issue, but one that is kind of related. After all, many of our current woes have been bought about by deception and a general lack of truth, from financial screw ups, a diet rich in simple carbs, dangerous cleaning fluids and pointless ‘medications’ that seep into our water supply to other ‘crap’ that to be blunt, we never needed in the first place!

The issue? My favourite company, ( here), offers many useful everyday items that are way overpriced in the high street – such as USB cables, SD cards and much more – for prices that appear fantastic! However, as we all know by now, this is all an illusion. Order an SD card for example, and while you may pay £1.95 ($3.00 approx) for the item, the ‘shipping’ charge will be between £2 and £5! Huh?

If you put several SD cards into an envelope and post them firsty classy, it will cost you less than 50p at the very most. And they WILL arrive the next day.

Yesterday we ordered four of these. Yet only AFTER paying £8 in shipping (yes, eight quid), I have been informed they will be delivered between the 10th and 14th of January. Why not the next day? There was NO notification of charges or delivery date BEFORE the final step. Yes, the final price was confirmed before the order was processed, but the delivery date was not specified until after – on the order tracker within Amazon’s account control panel.

Fight back club: Can anyone who wishes to bring an end to this naughtyness post below so I know there are other angry buyers (beyond the masses who post on the actual Amazon site) – and I will then organise a petition and drop a line to Amazon using old fashioned print media. For my part, this will be our final order from Amazon until they rectify the situation.

Amazon really are/were my favourite company. Their business model, service and sensible use of technology has been exemplorary – until this issue that may well be due to their partners, but Amazon are ultimately responsible for who and what they promote. Jeff, my hero? Are you listening?


Written by Oflife

January 7, 2009 at 2:11 pm

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