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…I went to play ice hockey on a large frozen flood plain. (An awesome experience.) On arrival at the car park around 8am, I discovered approximately 10 cars that had been broken in to. The lack of overnight snowfall under the cars indicated they had been there all night. Just as I was preparing to leave this morning people began to return from their Christmas and New Year break. It was very distressing for them to return from the holidays to find their belongings trashed or stolen. (Of course, leaving valuables in a car is madness, but just the invasion of ones space/property is heart breaking enough.) Here in Oxford, where parking is almost impossible for a lengthy period of time, one is forced to park out of the centre of town.


Just two of the ten or more vehicles that had been broken into overnight

My question is this, if the police are to be given powers to spy on our computers, and Oxford can afford to flood each neighbourhood with blue coated traffic wardens at dubious hours (I see them on the streets at 10pm) in what is in my opinion yet another infringement of consumer privacy, why don’t they patrol the car parks or why doesn’t the council install CCTV in the car parks? The latter would be one application of CCTV where no one’s privacy will be infringed – except that of the thief or thieves.

Fight back club: Contact your council and suggest such common sense changes. Shall I start the ball rolling?


Written by Oflife

January 5, 2009 at 12:05 pm

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