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The UK’s privacy invading money grabbing fascist dictat continues..

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As usual, most will read this (and this) and get on with their day to day work / play / Xmas preparations (last minute shopping?), but those who really know what is going on will hopefully sit up, take notice and finally begin to make preparations to fight back with all the force available to stop this goverment in their tracks before it is too late. I never for one second ever believed that I would devote time from my career in product design / business to comment on such matters, but I suppose one of the genetic traits of being a visionary is that you can foresee the consequence(s) of situations and actions ahead of time – whether the results are sweet or sour.

Meanwhile, people are robbed and stabbed, the country collapses in a pile of confused ethics, but all the government can do is think of more ways to punish it’s OWN people for ‘offenses’ that pail in comparison to more pertinent matters. And is it no wonder people don’t have any money to spend as they are fined and taxed into bankruptcy!

So, who of the unemployed masses will signup to sit at a CCTV console and look for couples arguing en route? And how much money will it take to turn you into such a person?

Fight back club: In the event the above madness comes to fruition, harness the due process of law to sue for undue stress, loss of time and infringement of privacy – and of course, avoid parting with any money until any legal action has been concluded. For all you know, your case may become a test case. Alternatively, as per Thompson Travel’s pertinent advertising from a while back, consider that it may be “Time to leave the country”. Thing is, where? If there’s money in it, ‘it’ will be adopted by other nations who begin to lose their way too when it comes to abandoning common sense and trust for a for profit based system of state control. Lord ‘elp us all…


Written by Oflife

December 24, 2008 at 4:59 am

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