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Re-introducing the subject of endocrine disrupters

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As a primer, read this top to bottom. (© The Independent, Sunday 7th December 2008)

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While out in Silicon Valley in the 1990s, I often tuned into two talk radio stations, KCBS and KGO 810. I cannot recall which one it was, but there was (and maybe still is) a very clued up host who would dwell on all manner of interesting or pertinent subjects. One day she discussed how much of what we pop in our mouths and/or down the drain ends up not just back in our bodies (even if unwanted), but in remote locations such as the arctic and antarctic. PCBs were mentioned a lot, in particular how they effect the sexual orientation of animals, including a certain dubious species of biped.

Of all the threats to life on Earth, it became obvious that endocrine disruptors was one of the greatest. Worryingly, because this issue lacks the shock and awe of threats such as asteroid impact, nuclear war and more, it has gone unnoticed and undiscussed for a decade or so since the radio broadcasts and low level media coverage of the 1990s. The disruption of the natural order of things is exceptionally dangerous.

This deceptively benign threat brings to mind the scenario featured in HG Well’s War Of The Worlds where the huge walking cyborgs were impervious to an array of military firepower, yet a subtle virus managed to kill them off – to the surprise of all.

Fight back club: Do you really need any of those ‘cleaning’ fluids, powders, chemicals and bleaches whose bottles clog up your kitchen and bathroom cupboards? A little warm or hot water and sunshine can do the job with no environmental impact And do you really need all those pills? Remember folks, most of what we buy was conceived as a way to earn a living for the seller or make life easier for the buyer. However, through no fault of our own, until recently we have failed to consider the future impact of our creations or purchases thanks to the laws of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ensuring that more pertinent issues grabbed our attention.

It is probably high time we research and think very carefully about the consequences of what we make, buy and do – with an aggression, focus and sincerity unknown to date. No pussy footing around the issue any more.


Written by Oflife

December 7, 2008 at 1:22 pm

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