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While in the USA…

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…after a few years of starting to discover what most of you already knew, I concluded that the superficial joyous nature of some Americans (in particular the West Coast) was hiding a combination of loneliness and insecurity – even if they were/are unsure of this. After all, it is hard to be aware of your station unless you have known different. This explains in part the huge amount of money spent that side of the Atlantic on ‘shrinks’, prescription drugs and pointless material possessions – such as those stackable transparent plastic boxes to store excess excess possessions in. An alternative would be to talk to grandma, your best friend, Bob at the hardware store etc etc.

As usual, not one to leave a mystery unsolved, I researched, observed and concluded (again, what most of you will already have known) that this was caused by one or more of the following:

  1. Young people often travel far to study at University – several thousand miles in fact. This breaks that priceless bond with trusted friends and family who they grew up with.
  2. The obsession with consumerism over the true meaning of family get togethers (the continuous trashy effort that is Halloween > Thanksgiving > Christmas an example that drove me nuts while out there), although to be fair, Thanksgiving is a more sincere occasion
  3. Overly optimistic Hollywood endings to just about every movie or television program ever made – leading to some disappointment with real life, as opposed to the depressing semi realism of the BBC’s East Enders. In the movies Bruce Willis would have steered the 2nd airplane away from the intact WTC tower. The reality was far different.
  4. A culture based on community fear, thanks to end to end day time made for TV movies normally featuring a female victim who is being hounded and/or murdered by someone living nearby (Don’t believe me? Tune in to daytime TV states side and between the soaps, you’ll catch the movies.)
  5. Similar to item 4, almost every movie made gives the impression that the outside world is dangerous, whether it is the world outside your home or other nation states. The recent Hostel movies are good examples, where the people of a specific Eastern European country are characterised as murdering psychos (the star in the movie is your standard preppy jock)
  6. Left wing values are destroying the concept of the family unit

Which leads to the sad reality that we here in formerly psychologically and socially secure Britain are becoming the same way. The British are still cynical enough to know how to differenciate between fiction and reality, but if we’re smothered by influencial programming, media and concepts, we’ll eventually break. And being it is all about the bottom line, this tacky scenario will be pushed across the globe as electronic empires spread their wings.

Fight back club: Go away and party when you’re young and single, but keep family and real friends close when you’re ready to settle. And restrict the media you let into your life.


Written by Oflife

December 2, 2008 at 12:12 am

Posted in Ethics, Society, USA

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