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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, like most, I was informed at school and the news media that in the Soviet Union (and other nations based on similar authoritarian regimes) if one failed to comply with certain fairly draconian ‘laws’, the punishment was unjustifiably harsh – and you certainly could not leave the country!

So, here in freedom loving, iPod toting* England, HM Government are threatening the populace with ID cards. It is claimed (from what I understand) that these cards are not (initially?) going to be compulsory. But if you don’t carry one, you cannot leave the country. Think about this.

It should be noted that with regards to terrorism and crime, the majority of attrocities and crimes to date have been carried out by people who use the system, rather than bypass it. (Whether with genuine or forged identification makes little difference after the event.) IE, future crimes and more will be carried out by those holdng a legitimate ID card that by its nature will make the perpetrator appear even more credible. The railway bombings in Madrid were carried out in a country where the populace already carry ID cards. The 9/11 attackers bordered the aircraft using legitimate means.

Update: 26th November 2008, terrorists in India have shot and killed a number of people, rounding them up by nationality – Brits and Americans as I type this. Their job will be a even easier once we’re all tagged. Faking your accent and/or clothing won’t help. The ability to deceive, even to save your life or carry out other pertinent if slightly naughty actions will soon be impossible. What a lovely rigid inhuman world we’re creating. Looks so pretty, tastes so bitter.

Fight back club: Learn all you can about English ID cards, study history, consider the motives of those issuing them – and who has the most to gain. Then make your own informed decision.

*A tease on the fact that while we may live in a nation that is increasingly aesthetically pleasing (like pre WW2 Germany), what is going on behind the scenes is terrifying in its implication. (Of course, Germany today is also aesthetically pleasing, but politically a mirror image of the 1930s, so there is no comparison with where England is headed.)

As someone with over 15 years experience designing and building various incarnations of a database that allowed people (and now businesses) to (at their discretion!) create an online profile designed to assist with advertising and/or social networking, one has to ask, why not just make these ID cards as voluntary as any other product or convenience? The idea of a universal all-in-one ID to eliminate all those passwords, credit cards, discount cards, travel cards and more would be great! But as the citizen of a democracy, I would like to choose whether I posses one – and I would also like to choose how much information is ‘linked’ to it. That is my birthright – and yours. For now...


Written by Oflife

November 22, 2008 at 10:05 pm

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