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Often in today’s UK, when something outrageous occurs, there is the profit motive. Here we have a business using scare tactics to introduce a technology that by default assumes anyone entering the specified (surprise, corporate) nursery to be of nefarious motive. Even if someone with dubious intent did enter the premises (find one example in the past), the parents and/or staff would be on hand to deal with the matter. We really are headed towards the dystopian future so accurately envisioned in books and films of past. Think about it, where will we be a decade from now? Even five years? What about today?

As per yet another focused section of Vision Aforethought (to appear in the right column links), society is becoming so inhuman and in such contrast to the natural world, we are dooming ourselves to a cold stark mechanised future that will become harder to ‘undo’ as more and more government and corporate automatons supplant reason.

Fight back club: You know the rules by now, avoid supporting an entity your gut feeling tells you is just plain wrong. Why not open your own open school or nursery, where trust is default and hope the government begin to respond to crime the New York City way? That’s freedom.

By the way, I risk the wrath of the liberalati, but from a personal angle, I would never send my children to a nursery. (Exhibit A.) That is what ones biological partner is for! And if there is enough money in the kitty to afford the ‘luxury’ of a nursery, then surely there is enough for said partner to quit whatever he/she is doing during the day and tend child. I was stunned when in California ‘parents’ would drop their kids off all day – no wonder they grow up so insecure and unloved, seeking solace in simple carbs and twinkly objects. Ooh, bet that pushed some buttons! (What does makes sense is a company crechĂ©. Then parent can be on hand to apply love and attention in an emergency.)


Written by Oflife

October 28, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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