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On the same day that The Times of London discusses an issue I’ve been mulling over for years (see previous posting), The New York Times touches on something that I uncovered within months of arriving in Northern California in 1991 at a meeting with a retired executive of a pharmacuticals company. What occured back then was a fairly momentus turning point in my perception of reality – almost like discovering that there was intelligent life on the moon. The precise and appalling details are still in my old blog and will be imported into a forthcoming new section of Vision Aforethought.

It is interesting to study how in the past when there were important (almost humanity saving) medical discoveries or advances, they were often achieved by lone individuals motivated by the urge to do good, rather than exploit and/or profit from another persons misfortune.

Fight back club: Keep in good health (see Life Tips section of this blog), live sensibly and avoid any form of drugs – unless in situations where your life is on the line or you are genetically predisposed to fall apart without them! Do not, I repeat, do not spend money with entities that do not have your best intentions at heart!


Written by Oflife

October 10, 2008 at 11:30 pm

Posted in Ethics, Health, Society

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