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East beats West?

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Many years ago I read a science fiction book whose name and author I cannot recall at this moment. The story was not that original, but full of surprises. It began aboard a huge space ship that had been despatched from Earth many years ago. The book dwelled on life aboard and the relationship between the thousands of passengers and crew as they dealt with being so far from home – some children having never lived on Earth at all.

All of a sudden the ship received a transmission from Earth indicating that due to a global catastrophe (a major nuclear war or similar), life back home had pretty much come to an end, or was about to.

The story changed as the population of the ship realised they were now the only remanent of humanity. There was a terrible feeling of loss and loneliness. While I cannot remember the details, the book wasn’t that special, what was stunning was the surprise discovery near the end that the whole ship was populated by Asians – Chinese if believe. I had assumed all along that it was your typical crew of Western and/or mixed race explorers – first names were used throughout.

With that on your mind, this is an interesting read. One should never take ones destiny for granted. I will be writing more about this subject in a dedicated section of this here blog.

© The Daily Mail 2008. Thanks to Mat for the link.

My view on all this is that the only way for mankind to survive is for us to take the American approach. Base society on a constitution that we all follow and modify through a combination of democracy and common sense. If each nation and/or ideology claims its own territory, then we really will end up self-destructing as soon as said nation desires expansion. If within the next 25 to 50 years we do begin an exodus from Earth, which values will we want to spread beyond Terra? We will need to define and defend this pretty soon – time is short.


Written by Oflife

October 10, 2008 at 8:04 am

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