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Dumb down and monitor at the same time

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The increasingly desperate UK government are now considering revamping (commercialising!) public libraries – in a manner that defeats the object of a library in the first place – a venue of total silence where one can focus on work or studies. The government lacks the funds to avoid this crassness – yet they do have the money to further track and entrap the innocent motorist – at great expense. With regards to libraries, if one wants to ‘study’ in a more social environment, then why not simply go to a coffee shop? This and other blogs discuss the traffic camera issue elsewhere, so I won’t cover that here. (Both these items will of course be featured in the Towards Dystopia section of Vision Aforethought.)

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Fight back club: I have no idea what to suggest on this one. But any action that threatens the ability for children and others to seek enlightenment should be repelled.

One has to wonder whether these ongoing announcements by our increasingly dangerous government are designed to squeeze the concerned of us out of the wood work for an eventual crack down on the thinking classes. This has happened before I believe. Maybe we should all just shut up and accept our fate?


Written by Oflife

October 9, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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