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A charity rip off

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Today I was browsing the web when I did something rare, I clicked, or to be more precise, ‘rolled over’ an ad that caught my eye. Intrigued, I clicked. The ad took me to a website for the world famous Battersea Dogs Home. There were two surprises, one sweet, one sour:

  1. Discovered that the excellently designed website was developed by a top company who I admire for their talent and general wonderfulness. This has no connection with the main reason for this post…
  2. I was horrified to discover the ad was promoting a service whereby animal lovers can call a phone number to report lost or found pets. The catch? 60p a minute – from a land line! Imagine the cost from a mobile! Why isn’t the call standard rate or even free – after all, this is a charity – funded by donations. One can always donate later if willing. What about the poor? And what if someone doesn’t have any money?

As per a forthcoming separate posting, the way consumers are being ripped off – even if knowingly – by their banks and other entities is one of the reasons for the so called ‘credit’ crunch. That popular term really masks many more greed related issues that are responsible for the crash in our quality of life. People are being queezed dry left right and centre, whether for doing 5mph over the 30mph limit or calling company X for help. In this case, it is an outrage that a good cause has now resorted to such tactics. Pure exploitation.

Fight back club: This is a tough one, as it is a charity. I suppose writing to them may help. Of course, don’t pickup the phone – use their web form or a first class letter for the equivalent of 30 seconds of phone time.

In case you are wondering why in a world where more serious matters should be highlighted I in fact blog about these ‘lesser’ issues, it is because they are related. The more we’re controlled, fined, bankrupted, threatened, queezed, monitored and stressed by greed and the complexities of life, the harder it is to devote a proportion of ones life to creative and/or charitable pastimes. One really needs mental, physical and financial security and stability in order to devote time to creative and charitable endeavours. The liberated Americans and French are the most generous people in the world. Why? Because they are, in their own way, free. This is no co-incidence.


Written by Oflife

October 5, 2008 at 12:01 pm

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