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The enlightened amongst you who question everything, will have known that issues such as this (© The LA Times 2008) would rear their ugly head once the effects became mainstream. (I have been warning my friends about plastics for over 10 years.) Likewise, the events in the financial markets are unsurprising, not due to capitalism (a force for good), but because any entity that goes too far and relies on greed rather than common sense ethics is liable to collapse when the rotten foundations give away. This writer has no experience of the corporate world – being an every day consumer – however, if the big financial houses attempt the same shenanigans as the hight street banks, one cannot imagine the level of hardship some individuals or businesses must be put through. A recent example that has lead to some successful consumer lead lawsuits of late is that high street banks will intentionally or through incompetance ignore any courtesy warning from a customer who knows he or she may slip into the red while some payments clear. The bank will subsequently impose a fee for even the smallest oversight, for example, a £25 charge for an overdraft (OD) of £10. So, you are now £35 over. And guess what? A few days later, a pre-arranged small payment of £15 automatically direct debits from your account (mobile phone? sports club? etc), so you are fined another £25 for that breach of your increasing OD! And so on until it steamrollers out of control. At the end of the month, you are dealing with fees of anything from £50 to £300. No wonder people are strapped for cash and cannot feed the economy! This is fairly common, but most Brits are too embarassed to say anything and the process of challenging that huge electronic entity in the sky is too complicated, with real sit down and chat managers surplanted by overseas call centres manned by pre-programmed staff who are unable to stray from the beaten path. (Effectively, they are robots.) On a more serious scale, and of course, this is why the banks are also in meltdown, why did building societies both sides of the Atlantic offer mortgages to people who had no hope of repaying them?

We are also seeing more and more services whose essential telephone lines begin with 084X, 087X, 09XX etc, leading to unexpectedly large mobile and landline bills from ‘trapped’ or unsuspecting consumers. Just today, I called an 00800 number for what appeared to be a UK based company (UK prices, Union Jack on their home page!), and ended up talking to an office in Canada – on my mobile! (I await my bill.) Finally, there is the massive dumbing down of society across the planet, denial of climate change (it’s real) and invasion of privacy by terrified governments who are actively attempting to destroy the intelligent, thoughtful and vital middle classes – who are the greatest threat to all this nefarious behavior.

Each issue has been discussed on my older blog for years and will be imported to these here pages in due course, with external links to provide vindication of most pertinent matters.

I am sure many of you have seen films, read books, or even thought about the writings in the leading religious texts that discuss multiple threats to humanity arriving simultaneously, followed by significant changes and then, well, things get better. This time may well be upon us. The way forward is for people to revolt against any entity that it is plain obvious is a threat to our freedom. Start by ceasing to do business with them and if you are really feeling brave, start your own venture to offer a superior more considerate alternative. Don’t forget that the main focus of my blog is to highlight the usurping of democracy by technologically ominpresent and callous ‘corporations’. Cut off their income and they will die. That’s capitalism at its finest!

P.S. Remain optimistic.


Written by Oflife

September 16, 2008 at 7:38 pm

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