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Elbow win Mercury Awards / iTunes 8

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Have you ever secretly believed you are the only person to be a fan of a band? You make a secret discovery, perhaps hearing a track on the radio or as a more subtle component of a movie sound track? Well, having ‘discovered’ Elbow a year or so ago after watching the trailer for a failed US Television Thriller about the end of the world, I used the Google and ended up finding out the name of a song played over the trailer. (“Forget Myself”) I subsequently previewed and purchased a few Elbow tracks from iTunes and was blown away by their attention to detail and sound. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, they deservedly win a major award! Great stuff!

On a related note (boom tush), just downloaded iTunes 8 and the Genius feature works a dream. Like Elbow, recently discovered Teddy Thompson and bought his latest album ‘A Piece Of What You Need’. Used iTunes Genius to find similar music and it works spookily well. The recommended tracks are just up my street. So, if you are into the mellow rocky bluesy folky country-ee sound, give Elbow and Teddy T a try – and then use an Apple Genius to find more like it. Note: If you buy toons from iTunes, they will NOT play on your non Apple device thanks to Apple’s robust DRM. Best option is to buy non DRM tracks or a CD and rip the CD to iTunes and then sync with your mobile device – as I do with my Nokia E71*.

*See E71 review elsewhere within Vision Aforethought. Hey WordPress guys, why isn’t it possible to simply hyperlink to another posting using a pop up dialog? I have to physically visit the destination posting, copy the URL and then return to the posting where I want to embed the hyperlink. Where’s the forward thinking? Did you not do use case scenarios in the design process? Tut tut.


Written by Oflife

September 10, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Posted in Music

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