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UK pub closures, children & recycling

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With the ban on smoking killing off pubs quicker than their punters, two factors have been overlooked beyond the destruction of a core British institution. Both relate to the increase in availabilty and sales of low cost supermarket beer:

  1. ‘Families’ now consume beer and cigarettes at home exposing their children to the twin evils of semi-drunk parents and second hand smoke. (No one can deny that cracking open a can in conjunction with a cigarette is all part of the Euro trash experience.)
  2. In a pub, beer and other drinks are consumed from glasses that are of course cleaned and re-used. Now assuming (extremely conservatively) that your typical punter consumes an everage of two pints per casual (weekday) visit to the pub, this translates into three or four cans of supermarket beer. Therefore for every person abandoning their local to pre-packaged alchohol, there are now an everage of four aluminium cans (or bottles) added to their trash with all the known consequenses related to disposal. (Cost, hassle, ecological effect, use of dwindling resources, public eyesore etc.) This is almost five times as much waste as would be produced by milk bottles and cartons! Just take a look at the recycling bins here in the UK.

For the record, my view on the smoking ban is that each establishment should have been allowed to choose whether to allow smoking. Many other man made inventions kill a significant number of people, from fatty foods to cars, yet they face no restrictions whatsoever. If people are educated to the pros and cons of what they consume then they can make an informed decision. (Bar staff were/are never forced to work in a smoke filled environment.) What is far more serious is the effects of second hand smoke on children squashed into a crammed family living room.


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September 1, 2008 at 8:39 am

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