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Apple patent for multitouch tablet device

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As an ideas guy, normally I prefer not to go around saying “I thought of that” because it (understandably) generates the reaction “Well, why didn’t you patent it?” or “Why aren’t you rich from it?” etc. Well, one cannot protect and build everything – and situations arise along the way that detract one from the American dream. Life speeds by! However, I did want to discuss this patent application made by Apple, because they have patented something I conceived over ten years ago – while in the USA.  Namely a touch screen display that could detect and respond to more than one simultaneous touch for the purposes of:

  1. Pressing [Shift] plus one or more additional keys to generate a difference character (using an on screen virtual keyboard)
  2. Allowing more than one person to share the same screen area – like Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone.

I have always believed such technology key to creating computers and devices that are actually fun and intuitive – rather than a barrier to creativity and productivity, as is the case with most computers and gadgets today.

I never disclosed this invention in public – only creating a drawing. I believe that Apple obtained the idea through legitimate channels not my own drawings as it never went beyond my own files. (I have indeed submitted inventions to Apple in the past.) I will be the first to buy an Apple tablet device as I know they will probably do it right – as evidenced by the brilliant (but flawed) iPhone interface.

Once work deadlines are out of the way, and pending advice from councel, I intend to publish on this here blog (on a dedicated page) a full list of ideas that I did not commercialise for whatever reason – with drawings too if available.


Written by Oflife

August 28, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Posted in Apple, Technology

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