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In support of Prince Charles (again)

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While the Prince is not a scientist, he is one of the few remaining public figures who blends common sense, concern for the people and ethics in this increasingly cold, automated human unfriendly world. The comments here in his ground breaking Daily Telegraph article are spot on. Having mingled with people in corporatations, I can confirm that while some are well meaning and run their businesses with a genuine concern for the public well being over absolute profit and shareholder return, there are some who no matter their location (UK, US, Holland etc) do not give a damn about anyone and will take any risk and any path to growth. Playing with our food is taking things too far. Did you know one specific company engineers seeds to ‘expire’ every year so farmers are forced to purchase and replant new seeds annually? No conspiracy, that is how it works. The same goes for the promotion of low cost sugary drinks and simple carb based foods to our vulnerable young so they become diebetic and reliant on a lifetime of drugs and equipment to keep them alive!

Re food shortages. They are in part caused by overpopulation and conversion of food crops to bio fuels. (The subject of biofuels will be covered elsewhere in this blog, but note that recent increases in food pricing has occurred in parallel with a sudden switch to biofuel crops across the world. It’s easy money!)

Fight back club: Oppose this with all your might. Protest with your wallet and support your local farmer(s) by purchasing locally sourced produce – from TODAY onwards! Do not procrastinate. May the force be you.


Written by Oflife

August 13, 2008 at 9:35 am

Posted in Ecology, Environment, Fascism

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