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War in Georgia – blame big oil

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If a decade or so ago, with their huge cash reserves, big oil had shown some vision and common sense, they would have begun to invest their billions in solar and battery technology. This would have laid the foundations for a sustainable energy future, reducing the need for the super powers to continue to make land grabs under the false pretense of local ideological conflict. Each death in Georgia (on either side) can be blamed directly on big oil. The past, current and no doubt, continued greed and lack of imagination by big oil is a betrayal to the people of the world.

What to do: As usual, protest with your wallet. Avoid purchasing anything that uses oil or oil by products. Cycle, purchase as little as possible made from plastics etc. Time to move on.


Written by Oflife

August 9, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Posted in Ecology, Environment, Oil, Politics

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